No compromise between striking employees and management of KCC bank



The Management of Kangra Central Co-operative Bank (KCC) has again called the agitating employees for negotiations but no meeting was conducted till report. The employees union is observing a day long hunger strike in the head office premises of KCC bank at Dharamshala on Wednesday in support of their demands including the payment of ex-gratia, transfer policy, holding of DPC etc. The agitating employees shall go on a mass casual leave tomorrow.


The Chairman of KCC bank Jagdish Sipahia while talking to Himvani said,” I am ready to help the agitators under the laws and regulations of the bank, if they are ready to discuss.” He said that the KCC bank is the leading bank of North India in the Co-operative sector having 65 crore of profit till 31 December last year. He further added that the management has started several beneficial schemes worth several crores for the employees, working or retired and still will not hesitate to give benefits permissible under law.


The President of the KCC bank employee union Mr. Sharat said that the union shall discuss the issue only with the Board of Directors. KCC bank is Co-operative bank working in the 5 districts of Himachal with HQ at Dharamshala and has 1500 employees.