Himachal gets Rs 1,000 crore for roads



Delhi: Himachal Pradesh government today inked an agreement with the World Bank for the Rs 1365-crore Himachal Pradesh State Road Project, which would be one of the largest externally funded developmental projects ever carried out in state. The agreement was signed between representatives of World Bank, government of India and Himachal Pradesh government in presence of Union Finance Minister P Chidambram and state Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh in Delhi.
Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said that the five-year project would be implemented by HP Road & Other Infrastructure Development Corporation, and would be completed by December 2012. Out of the total project cost, Rs 1,000 crore would be World Bank loan while the state would contribute 365 crore rupees to the project. The Central government will provide Rs 1,000 crore as loan amount to the state government as 90% grant, and the loan would have a 20 years maturity period with five years grace periods.
Kangra district has received top priority as 491 kms road length of the district will be covered under the project while 477 kms road length of Mandi district will be covered under the project. The CM said that 2,500 kms of road length would be covered under the project, out of which 500 Km would be upgradation of roads and 2,000 kms renewal of roads.

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  1. I was really praying that Himachal should get some funds for raod development…And I am hoping this money does not go to politicians and other officials but roads should be impoved/made using the same ..its a huge amount afterall 🙂

    Why I said that …because I have not seen any profession to bring so much of money to the pockets than politics in recent years…Did I forgot the shortest time span 😀

    I hail from Karsog Tehsil Distt Mandi ..There are only 3 candidates who take turns to be Repersentatives from that area for past decades .. and similar is the fate of roads .. Shimla – Karsog ..not a penny has changed since my childhood days …The State of the roads have gone worse from how they looked 25 years back and there is zero or minimal maintenance … occasionaly you can see a brigade of workers napping on the sides of roads …on the road no changes ..

    Hope this time it wil reflect in some ground work (Surely it will start with loads of inagurations – As this elections year)

  2. Lots of money would be spent on foundation stone ceremonies, this being an election year. The politicians must have ordered new suits by now to attend these ceremonies. Such stunts are common!!

    Looking at the conditions of roads in Shimla and Sirmour district I wonder if there is any specialist in the PWD deptt. who knows an iota of road engineering? As I mentioned earlier in one of the posts rural roads are not fit for any form of motorised transport and bullock carts are the need of the hour which may be pressed back in service.

  3. Well , due to heavy rains , bitumen roads are not the solutions for hill state . Govt should go for cement roads .

    As for as the above project is concerned , progress on release of work order is very slow. Take an example of UNA -NERCHOWK Strech , nothing concrete has happened so far … The same is story of Sarkaghat -Ghumarwin link … The work on releasing contracts is on snails pace…..

    Its sad that inspite of all sanctions work has not started yet.

  4. Friends

    I invite your opinion on the delay in execution of work under loan sanctioned in 2007 . Is is a poor intellect level of Govt and its officials or a political will to delay the excution till 2012 Assembly Elections.


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