Himachal Cong seeks white paper on BJP manifesto



Shimla (Jan 2): The Congress party in Himachal Pradesh today sought white paper on state Bharatiya Janata Party’s election manifesto, in which the latter has been claiming that it has met most of the promises made after adopting the manifesto as government policy document.

Reacting to BJP’s self-patting claim of fulfilling most promises made in the 2007 assembly poll manifesto, Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary and party general secretary Kuldeep Rathore termed the BJP’s three years rule as example of ‘finical mismanagement’, alleging that its policies has been putting burden on the state coffers.

He also claimed that whatever development is being made in last three years was owing to central sponsored schemes launched by the UPA government. Making an assault on BJP rule, Rathore said that during the Dhumal regime, crime has been flourishing in the state as it has become a safe haven for terrorists and other criminals. Highlighting the recent incidents regarding busting of Hizbul Mujaheddins’ hideout in Jawali area of Kangra district, Rathore commented that it was due to poor rule of the BJP that ammunition supply to Maoists had been gong on in the state.

Congress leader said that people were now fed up with the misrule and want to do away with it, which would be reflected by them in the Nagar Parishad and Nagar Panchayat elections. Refuting the move of BJP to declare the name of its elected Panchayat Raj representatives for making them public on January 15, 2011, he called it damage control and face-saving exercise to defend itself as public mandate in the PRI poll had gone against it. He also charged the government of exerting pressure and threatens Congress-backed victorious candidates to forcibly bring them in its fold.

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