Deity inaugurates bridge over Parbati river in Himachal



Kullu: Local deities in the valley of Gods have taken up yet another responsibility – one that VIPs (read politicians) consider to be their prerogative – of presiding over inauguration ceremonies.

Perhaps, they too are fed up of delay caused in dedicating finished projects to the people as government authorities generally wait for politicians to find time for the inauguration ceremony. On Friday, the Bijli Mahadev deity, along with his hundreds of hariyans, crossed the newly-built concrete arc bridge over Parbati river in Jiyya village to declare it fit for use.

The 372 metre long and 7.5 metre wide bridge is the first of its kind in India, and it took National Hydro Power Corporation nearly eight years to complete it at a cost of Rs 12.27 crore. Though the authorities still want to get it inaugurated ‘formally’ through some VIP later on, the deity’s followers did their part by performing religious ceremonies at the bridge. People in the valley also generally take permission from local deities before starting off any important work, and bridges over the mighty Himalayan rivers are particularly considered to be at the mercy of deities.

Earlier, the local gods here had made another divine intervention when during a congregation of deities, they unanimously rejected the Himalayan Ski Village project.

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