'Manali-Leh railway line project report with Planning Commission'



Shimla (Dec 26): The Union Railway Ministry after examining the feasibility report for the proposed Bilaspur-Manali-Leh Railway line has forwarded the same to the Planning Commission of India for its approval. This was revealed by Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal on receipt of a letter from Union Minister of State for Railways E Ahamed, here today.

Dhumal said that the he had drawn the attention of the country towards the vital link of strategically important Bilaspur-Manali-Leh railway line with the national boundaries in Laddakh region keeping in view the communication upgradation by the neighboring country. He said that since the neighboring country had constructed all-weather half-a-dozen railway lines with the national border, which was a matter of great concern keeping in view the inadequate connectivity at the national boundaries.

The Chief Minister said that the proposed railway line was not only strategically important but would also help explore virgin region for tourism activities. He said that private parties had also offered to construct the railway line. He said that the 498-km-long all-weather broad gauge railway line was estimated to cost Rs 22,831 crore.

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  1. For the sake of nature and himachal…please dont just look at the monetory benefits it will provide but also the impact on environment it is going to make. this impact will take a heavy toll on nature in the long run. As it can be already observed that the increasing tourism pressure, over exploitation of natural resources by the government to make more money has resulted in deterioration of environment in the valley. Now, once this railway track gets constructed, it will completely kill the Himachal Pradesh we all have known for a long time. In the above statement, they have already mentioned that this railway line is important for exploring the virgin areas of H.P. for tourism activities. Come on, please there are very few such virgin areas are left and this railway track will destroy them all. Please have some sensitivity towards the nature and take preventive measures rather than such selfish money making based projects. 
    Please SAVE THE HILLS. If the people of Himachal Pradesh themselves dont take a stand against it than WHO WILL?????  

  2. Border with China need to be guarded properly. Without railway upto border near Leh we are handicapped. China and Pakistan grabbed Indian territory in 1962 and 1947 due to lack of proper transport. Railway is the cheapest, fast and reliable mode of transport. Tunnelling is cheapest and all wheather friendly. Indian border is not Delhi border at Panipat to fight next (4th) battle. At presant border at Leh/ Ladakh is maintained by air supply route at a cost of Rs. 10000 crore annualy the amount needed to construct railway upto Leh once. Economy is in railways that is why the English opted for it before leaving India.

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