Bali to look for judicial remedy



Shimla: Putting up a brave front, Himachal tourism minister GS Bali, resigned from the council of ministers on Saturday night saying that he would demand a judicial enquiry by a sitting judge of the high court into his conduct at his birthday party where it was alleged that call girls too were present.
Bali maintained that he had been framed in the sting operation, claiming that despite various families being present at the party, the camera focused on what the channel wanted to portray.
He claimed that the birthday bash organised by his NRI friends was mainly a dinner gettogether, and he had left the party just after five minutes of reaching there. Bali accused the journalists behind the sting operation of invading the privacy of people.

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  1. One should be careful in drawing conclusions about the conduct of a person by seeing photographs, video clippings etc. These devices can always be misused for blackmailing a person.

    Most of today's journalists make their living by sensationalising the issues.

    In a country where rumour mills run 24x7x365 because rumour mongering is preferred, reportage larded with rumours/sensation is a quite easy and lucrative business.

  2. Itz really shameful to see such kind of incidents. Why the public is choosing such kind of candidates? Just to see their bad acts? Itz really shocking that even the Police is not taking any action in this case.If any common man was involved in such case , will the police do the same? Certainly not. Then why these whitecollar crimanals are having such kind of 'facility'? can any one tell us???

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