Himachal to get two trucks of Pakistani onion



    Shimla (Dec 25)  Himachal Pradesh worst hit due to meager supply of onion owning to X-Mass rush and new year’s rush of tourists, would get two trucks of Pakistani onion. The supply would supply to the tourist destinations Shimla, Manali and Dharamsala.

    Supply of 45 trucks loaded with onions arrived at Chandigarh on Friday from across the Attari-Wagah border.

    According to Chandigarh Wholesalers Association, Chairman, Balbir Singh, two trucks have been dispatched to Shimla town, which would be expected to arrive here till opening market on Saturday. Singh said that this supply was coming from Pakistan’s Sindh province.

    Earlier, onion was selling to as high as Rs 85-80 per kg on Friday which was Rs 65-75 on Thursday. Presently, about one lakh tourists are lodging in the Shimla town alone, who would stay here for upto new years.

    Besides, a huge number of tourist are likely to come here from bordering state like Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand and Chandigarh for one or two days.

    Sudden spurt in the tourists footfall could jerk up the demand of onion, most of onion comes here from Nasik, but due to receding crops the market is facing  dearth of it.

    The State Civil Supply and District Administration in the state are keeping vigil on hoarding of onion in the town. Meanwhile NAFAD have been called to provide onion to state and have agreed to provide it at a fixed price of Rs 40 per kilogram.

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