Himachal to ‘sell’ Panchkarma in big way



Shimla: Taking a cue from Kerala, Himachal Pradesh will soon be propagating yogic healing in government hotels across the state through the Department of Ayurveda. To start with, the department will offer Panchkarma healing in Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation hotels at subsidised rates. The department is also open to train private hotel staff and private practitioners in Panchkarma.
Besides this, Panchkarma healing would also be available at all Ayurvedic hospitals in the state. There are 1,105 Ayurvedic health centres in the state, out of which 900 are in rural areas.

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  1. Once again govt. will waste money and get nothing in return. earlier also the govt. tried to introduce Panchkarma in govt. hotels but it failed. The reason is lack of planning. I think Govt, must train young doctors and hire new young paramedical staff as masseurs and assistants, simply employing ur surplus class 4 employees will not help. audjusting your old doctors who did or see a panchkarma therapy session about 10-15 years back in college will not make the things run smoothly.

  2. it is good to start Panchkarma in hotel ,and boost ayurveda is state . but again the question of sucess , sir My request pleas appoint trained staff , because panchkarma is science and it cannot be learned by one month training

    Vaidya Naveen


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