HKBSS agree to ask farmer to silence their guns; seeks Rs 2000 Cr compensation



    Shimla ( Dec 20) The man versus animal took a new turn today, followed by assurance from the State Forest and Wild Life Authority, Himachal Khati Bacho Sangharsh Samiti(HKBSS) agreed to silence the guns taken by the farmers engaged in mass culling of Monkeys and wild boars.

    However, the decision was being traded with a demand for release of compensation from centre to the tune of Rs 2000 Crore to state, as farmers were bearing this loss owing to destruction of crops by Monkeys and other wild animals in the state annually.

    Perturbed over the various news items appearing in the media on behalf of some pro-animal NGOs opposing the mass culling of monkeys and wild boars to relive the affected farmers from their menace in Himachal Pradesh, HKBSS’s convener Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar said in press statement that after getting assurance from the forest and wild life department it would appeal farmers to stop culling of monkeys who have lifted their guns after taking due permission from state forest department in the state on the call of HKBSS.

    Dr. Tanwar said that after meeting with State Wild Life Officials today, HKBSS has been decided to sit across the table along with Animal Welfare Board of India, National Board for Wildlife and Representatives of pro animal NGOs shortly to take next course of actions regarding alleviation of monkey menace in the state.

    Condemning the charged level by some Pro-animal NGOs against action of HKBSS and state farmers to cull monkeys in large number, Dr. Tanwar said that this problem is not new to this state as nothing have been done by successive state and center governments to alleviated the farmers from this so far.

    Refuting the charge leveled on the farmers’ action and relating the mass culling of Monkeys move in Himachal Pradesh with penetration of Monkeys in Punbaj, Haryana and other neighboring states, Dr. Tanwar said that such news items appearing in section of media seemed to be planted and canard of activists of pro-animal NGSs .

    Terming news items away from the realities, he charged that the places being shown in the news items did not fall near action taken areas and it was merely canard by pro-animal NGOs to deviate the process. He urged the farmers of Punjab and Haryana to join hand with farmers of this state ease out them form this problem.

    He slammed the action of some such NGOs who were forcing the farmers to withhold the guns and action on this decisive moment. Dr. Tanwar said that such NGOs were coming forward to ensure the easy flow of foreign aids from aboard to themselves by getting appreciation by raising such issues, which are adverse to farmers of state.

    He charged that such NGOs were taking help of Court to bemoan the voices of farmers against this issue. He asked the NGOs opposing farmers action that before the jump into debate over the animal killing the should come out with alternative approach into this problem.

    Alleging that such NGOs were lauding their voices to divert the attention of authorities form the basic issues, he demanded that center and states’ governments should check the sources, their fundings (NGOs) as they were creating intervention in policy decisions and if they do found funded from foreign agencies they should be banned after bring them in public thereby safeguarding the interest of countrymen rather them allowing to raise voices up taking view of foreign agencies.

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    1. There will be no winners in this war. The monkeys will die a horrible death, the farmers will be haunted for the rest of their lives by the blood they have spilled. A fate far worse than death is to send them to laboratories, where cruel experiments are carried out. I don’t have the answer, though clearly, the farmers crops are of immense value and need to be protected, but the killing of these intelligent sentient beings is morally wrong. We must find a different way!

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