Local cable TV channels should groom talent


By: Shikha Patial

Though Himachal has remained untouched by the television revolution with not even a single dedicated channel airing programmes in the state, local cable TV channels in a way have been doing a commendable job by filling up the void. These channels have become a good source of information at the local level and are also acting as a bridge connecting the state. Though the coverage is quite limited and not that professional, they are anyway an important source of regional information and entertainment.

Now the question arises how helpful these cable TV channels can be in boosting the local talent. One thing is sure that they are contributing in evolving a popular culture based on folk traditions.

In recent times, quite a few people from Himachal have been seen making their mark in several talent hunt shows. To name a few, there was Anuj Sharma from Kangra who managed to make it to the final three in the popular TV show, “Indian Idol” and Rajeev Thapa, a chap from district Chamba made his mark in the ever-popular show, “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”. This year too, faces from Kangra and Sundernagar can be seen cutting the competition out in several talent-hunt shows at the national level.

I really wonder why were these names unknown to us before they appeared in these TV shows. And doesn’t it show that our state might have more of such flair that goes unnoticed and unseen.

Cable TV can play an eminent role in showcasing local talent. With their help and with support from some sponsors, events can be organised giving the local people a platform to perform. Many theatre groups, music groups, etc, are running in the state but are unable to reach even their native audience. What better medium than local TV channels can be there to reach the local audience? It can not only popularise such talent among us but can also boost their confidence to perform at higher levels.

Another big advantage could be an enhancement in the variety of programmes being shown in these channels. Shimla’s local TV channels have been presenting Miss Shimla contest since last few years and it has been quite successful too. It should give way to more such talent hunts in the field of music, dance and even talk shows or many other activities.

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  1. I agree with you.

    Apart from grooming the talent the local channels can also act as a bridge between the public and the administration. At the same time it can also help preserving our culture & traditions.

    But this again leaves one with a question: How to make this possible?

  2. Rajeev Chamba Thapa on air friday and saturday 8.30 pm on Lux Junoon NDTV Imagine. He has reached the 7th posn. Pl vote for him and raise him higher. For the first time in a reality contest a Mountain boy brings forward songs from the Himalayas. Last nite he sang a beautifull Dogri song. Pl vote for Rajeev for the HImalayan region of India to come to the forefront from today

  3. I hope Himachal is voting hard for Rajeev. He is showing great courage in competing the songs of the Himalayas against the Sufiyana and Bollywood music. Let us keep voting to keep him running on the show and finally win.

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