Sub-standard buses in the winter capital of Himachal


By: Vyjyanti Mehra

One often wonders where the colossal amount of funds goes when a passenger sits in a bus in Dharamshala. Dharamshala which has been declared the winter capital by the last government in power, is lagging behind in almost every facility, especially buses. The passengers are often wonder struck by the lack of proper Deluxe Buses from Dharamshala to Shimla and vice versa, as Shimla and Dharamshala both are Capitals and tourist hubs of the state and are of utmost importance to the entire world as far as its tourist importance is concerned.

The state government has diverted Dharamshala from the list of importance as far as the Tourism is concerned. The government is providing poor quality and sub standard travel facilities to the residents and the tourists. Authorities are ignorant of the fact that such activities lay a poor impression on the visitors and cause an ample inconvenience to the residents.

The day to day passengers are facing a lot of problem and inconvenience due to the negligence of the government. The recently started Air-Buses and some deluxe Volvo buses are providing an air of relief to the people but they are not sufficient measures in the direction.

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  1. Well a large chunk of tax payers' money goes down an unfathomable pit i.e. pockets of a politician and hoardes of his/her sycophant courtiers. Efficient spending of money is alien to our politicians/policy makers.

    Concepts of summer capital, winter capital are completely out of sync with modern age as flow of information doesn't take into consideration geographical barriers.

    If the issue is chilled wind or heat waves…technology is available to keep home and office climate at comfortable levels.

    Bus service in Himachal…stink of puke and beedies are some of the freebies one can get.

  2. It is true that the standarad of HRTC Buses is lowest as compare to other nearby state run buses.Earlier when Himachal started Deluxe buses the body,seats were comfortable as compared to those which are now designed by HRTC themself.We are no where if we compare the comfort level of our buses with Haryana,Punjab & other states buses.

  3. Visiting Dharmasala in a winter month,

    while the ground was covered with snow, I had the blessing of visiting

    Dharmasala but I was griped with fear

    while traveling on those wet road with soft edge. Himachal Pradesh is perhaps the cleanest State in India with less population and plenty of

    natural beauty but the road system in the summer resort areas has to be

    improved. Himachal Pradesh has a great potential to attract millions of

    foreign tourists in the summer months,

    also tourists from the southern States

    of India.

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