Himachal govt fixes Rs 4.75 as MSP for apple



Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh government will start apple procurement from August 1 at 233 centers to be established for the purpose. The government plans to buy 50,000 metric tonne apple under the Mandi Intervention Scheme this year through agencies like Himfed, HPMC and also the horticulture department. The minimum support price for apple has been fixed at Rs 4.75, which is 50 paise more than last year. The annual apple production is expected to be around 2.5 boxes this year. The government is also making arrangements with transporters in other states to make sure that the apple gets lifted on time.

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  1. My 8 annas for this story. Can the govt and other agencies tell about backlog of payments to be made to the farmers?? The Govt has been paying in kind and not in cash to majority of farmers. Yes, the govt had been offering farmers the juices prepared by HPMC and till last year it was also offering the Growmore urea till it was found to be just plain mud in one of the tests.

    HPMC officials and may be their minister made hay while sun was shining bright on there side!!! No wonder that the elected official in the concerned ministry who has been a clerk in the postal department before getting elected now has his children studying in one of the fanciest schools in the Doon Valley with assortment of properties on NH from Shimla to Rampur. The said gentleman has even real estate interests in Bangalore as has been alleged by the opposition in the state.

    Moreover majority of apple is procured from selected centres in Rohru and Rampur to benefit a few selected VIP areas. For others, the transportation costs become so steep that the economics stop them to bring there produce to the collection centers

  2. RTI on the backlog of payments to farmers?

    How much money was given in cash?

    What all was given – juices/urea etc? Was that given on the actual price or the market/retail/MRP price?

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