Election Commission offers bowl full of election Symbols



Shimla: State Election Commission, Himachal Pradesh has specified the symbols for allotment to the contesting candidates for municipality elections. The reserved symbols for national parties are Elephant for Bahujan Samaj Party, Lotus for Bhartiya Janta Party, Ears of Corns and Sickle for Communist Party of India, Hammer, Sickle and Star for Communist Party of India (Marxist), Hand for Indian National Congress and Clock for the Nationalist Congress Party.

The candidates who would contest for the office of President can be allotted free symbols of Flower, Fort, Harmonium, Table Lamp, Bow and Arrow, Dholak, Banana, Bucket, Coconut Tree, Pencil, Sword, Motor Cycle, Soldier, Table Fan, Whistle, Box, Ring, Scissor, Comb, Carrot, Wrist Watch, Jug, Truck, Diesel, Pump and Coconut. Similarly, free symbols like Star, Rising Sun, Moon, Radio, Jeep, Balloon, Hockey & Ball, Ladder, Drum, Spade, Candle, Axe, Black Board, Globe, Water Melon, Mango, Baby Doll, Umbrella, Tractor, Wheel Barrow, Dancing Girl, Table (Two), Electric Bulb, Hurricane Lamp and Violin have been kept for the candidates who are likely to contest for the office of Vice President. The free symbols like Hand Pump, Apple, Sewing Machine, Aeroplane, Letter Box, Railway Engine, Lock & Key, Television, Ceiling Fan, Cot, Spoon, Gas Cylinder, Table, Bench, Bus, Bat, Pressure Cooker, Book, Kite, Ball, Camera, Chair, Car, Cup Plate and Almirah are reserved for candidates contesting for the office as Member. Reserved symbols shall be allotted to the candidates who will be projected by national political parties while other candidates sponsored by recognised political parties or independent candidates shall be eligible for allotment of only free symbols.

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