Weather-based crop insurance scheme launched in Himachal



Shimla (Nov 28): A Weather-based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) has been launched on pilot basis in district Solan and Sadar block of district Bilaspur for tomato crop and in districts Kangra and Una for Rabi potato crop. The crops are to be covered during 2010-11 season under WBCIS in the selected areas.

Insurance coverage under the scheme will be provided for tomato crop in district Solan and Sadar block of district Bilaspur raised between March to July 2011 season and Rabi potato raised during January to April, 2011 in district Kangra and Rabi potato raised during January to mid of March, 2011 in district Una during Rabi season 2010-11.

The Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd. (A/C) has been roped in as implementing agency (IA) wor the WBCIS in district Solan for tomato crop and in district Kangra and Una for Rabi potato crop and ICICI Lombard, GIC Ltd. in Sadar block of district Bilaspur for tomato crop.

The scheme will operate on the principle of “Area Approach” in selected notified Reference Unit Areas (RUA). Reference Unit Area is a geographical area around a Reference Weather Station pre notified by the State Level Co-ordination Committee on Crop Insurance. Area Approach signifies that a reference Unit Area shall be considered as a unit area of insurance for the purpose of acceptance of risk and assessment of compensation as well.

Solan Tehsil, Kandaghat Tehsil, Arki Tehsil, Sub Tehsil Ramshahar, Sub Tehsil Kishangarh, Tehsil Kasauli and Tehsil Nalagarh of District Solan, Bilaspur Sadar Block (i.e. Tehsil Sadar, Teh.Sri Naina Devi Ji at Swarghat and Sub Teh. Namhol of district Bilaspur, Haroli, Una and Amb Tehsils of district Una and Kangra, Dharmshala and Palampur Tehsils of district Kangra will be covered under the scheme.

The scheme has been made mandatory for all loanee applicant cultivators i.e. those who have sanctioned credit limit from a financial Institution for the notified crops in the notified RUAs. For tomato crop, the cut-off date for coverage of loanee farmers will be 15.4.2011 and for non-loanee farmers, it will be 25.03.2011 and 13.03.2011. For potato crop, the cut-off dates for loanee and non-loanee farmers will be 05.02.2011 and 15.01.2011, 03.01.2011 respectively.

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