Wildlife authority permits culling of monkeys and wild boars



Shimla: Taking cognizance over the complaints of Kheti Bacho Sangharsh Samiti and Himachal Pradesh Gian Vigyan Samiti, state wild life authority has ordered its district wildlife officials to issue permits for shooting of crop damaging animals to relieve the farmers from the menace created, especially by monkeys and wild boars. Meanwhile, farmers led by Kheti Bacho Sangarsh Samiti has given call to launch state level ‘Mass Culling Operations’ against wild animal causing loss to their crops. In a communication issued here State Principal Conservator of Wild life said that despite of the department having permitted the culling of monkeys and wild boars in interest of lakhs of farmers in the state the concerned authorities on district level were delaying the issuance of orders. The official directed its subordinates on district level to not to delay the issuance of such permit by allowing it in same day. If any delay in this regard is brought to notice of higher authority it shall be viewed seriously, the communication said.

Meanwhile, Convener of Kheti Bacho Sangarsh Smiti Kuldeep Thanwar said in a press communiqué today that thousands of farmers in the state were seeking permission from the wild life authority to kill the wild animals causing damage to their crops. He said that since enforcing of ban of hunting of wild life in 1983 the farmers would submit their highest applications in thousands to seek culling and shooting of wild animals.

He alleged that as farmers could not get any relief from the government they were being forced to pick up their guns themselves as the source of their livelihood is in danger today. He appealed to the government, opposition and others organisations to not interfere with the farmers action or they would have to face the wrath of public in coming Panchayati Raj Poll. He said that mass culling operation would begin from World Human Rights Day on December 10, 2010 and will continue till December 23, the Farmer’s Day. He said that prominent wild animal causing the damage to crop in the state are monkey, apes, wild boar, bear, rabbit, jackal, parakeet, Sambar, Nill Gai and wildfowl. He said that bats are also causing massive damage to fruit growers in the apple belt of state.

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  1. Case No. CWP 8149/2010 was heard by the High Court at Shimla today, short reply was called with in 7 days from State, UOI, No ban on mass monkey culling and interim relief was granted.

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