Privatization of SEBs a failure: NIPEF



Shimla: Chairman of Northern Indian Power Engineers Federation (NIPEF), Suneel Grover, on Saturday claimed that privatisation of state electricity boards has failed to address the very cause of running electricity boards on profit. Addressing media persons, he said, “Delhi and Orissa electricity boards, which were privatised to prevent financial loss, are perfect example as to why state electricity boards should not be unbundled.”

Grover said that NIPEF had decided to approach the government urging them to reconsider further implementing of Electricity Acts (EA) 2003. He questioned the need for privatisation of power sector when private companies had not been able to provide satisfaction to the customers.

Grover said that with unbundling of State Electricity Boards (SEBs), the Union government had emasculated the state governments by taking powers from them on deciding the fate of SEBs. He added that a committee of experts should review the Electricity Act and NIPEF should be made part of the review committee. Grover insisted on transfer of control of power projects from bureaucrats to professionals managing the board. He said that recruitments of engineers, which had been put on hold for quiet some time by SEBs, should be undertaken for making the boards more vibrant.

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