Centre rejects Rs 1,800-cr wetland devp project



Dharamshala: The ambitious Rs 1,800-crore project of the Himachal Pradesh government to develop the Pong Dam sanctuary as a tourist destination had reportedly been rejected by the central government.
The project was mooted three yeas back, and three international companies had shown interest in carrying out the work. As per the project, 11 tourist sites including a fiver-star hotel and golf range were to be developed along the wetland from Dehra till Jawali. Though no official letter has been received in this regard, officials dealing with it admitted that some loopholes in the project could not be taken care of.

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  1. It is very dissapointing to learn that the central government has rejected the project. It is rather more disheartening to know that the ofiicials concerned with the project could not submitt a full proof report. It's pity that a state like HImachal for which tourism sector is a major economy booster will asscociate incompitent people with the project. Being a qualified tourism professional, I will support the system cleansing and recruitment of people who know the things. Though my words be a little hard, but we'v come long way using the old system which has been destructive rather than constructive.

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