Dhumal wins Hamirpur parliamentary seat in Himachal



Shimla: BJP candidate Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal has won the Hamirpur parliamentary constituency seat in the by-elections held earlier this month.

Dhumal, who’s also the former Chief Minister of the state beat his nearest rival and Congress candidate, Ram Lal Thakur by a huge margin of 80,059 votes. Out of the 17 assembly constituencies that form the Hamirpur parliamentary constituency, Congress was able to take a lead only in Bilaspur and Una. Though in Una too the lead margin for Congress was just 9,000 votes as compared to 23,000 last time.

The Hamirpur seat had felt vacant when BJP MP, Suresh Chandel ceased to be a member of the Lok Sabha, following the adoption of the motion calling for his expulsion along with other nine members on December 23, 2005. The members, as a part of the Cobrapost-Aaj Tak sting operation, had been caught on camera taking money for putting questions in the Parliament.

Thakur, who was also the State Forest Minister has resigned from the post in the wake of his defeat. He has sent his resignation to Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.

About 60 percent voter turnout was recorded during the by-election for the Hamirpur Parliamentary seat on Saturday.

There were 11, 75,238 voters in the constituency spread out over 1,372 polling booths in Hamirpur, Una and Bilaspur as well as Dehra sub-division of Kangra. There were six candidates in the fray.

The elections can be termed as a dress-rehearsal for the state assembly elections due in a 8-months time for now, and significantly it’s an alarm sign for the Congress and a booster for the BJP. The Congress needs to do a lot of soul-searching before it draws its strategies.

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  1. Ram Lal Thakur was always going to find it difficult. He could not lead few MLAs from his home district, how could he be expected to be an MP! It was a clever ploy form congress leadership which perhaps wanted Thakur to be shunted from state politics. It will be interesting to know what Thakur has done for forestry in Himachal instead of becoming richer himslef from it! Good riddance for now.

  2. That seems to be an interesting insight provided by you – that Congress wanted to get rid of Ram Lal Thakur. But it would be interesting to find out if the people of Himachal here voted for the candidate or for the party. If it's for the candidate, then I think Congress stands a chance in this area in the assembly elections. But if it's the party that the voter has voted against, then Congress has a lot to think about.

    Though I'm a hardcore Congressman, but I'll have to accept that right now it seems there is an anti-Congress wave in the state. Fissures in the party too aren't doing any good to it. Vidya Stokes has always been an open rival of Virbhadra Singh. Vijay Mankotia has blown the anti-Virbhadra bugle with the audio CD. GS Bali has invited trouble with the Dharmshala bus-stand and the hotel issue. Really, a lot of soul searching is to be done.

    Interestingly, you mentioned that Ram Lal Thakur has been shunted from state politics. I would say even Dhumal has been shunted out of state politics. Winning the parliamentary seat certainly means that he's not in the fray for being the Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP. Who's then? Shanta Kumar? Or somebody else? If Dhumal returns to be the Chief Minister in case BJP comes to power in the state, that means Hamirpur goes to elections again for the parliamentary seat. Can somebody tell us, who's the Chief Ministerial candidate for the BJP.

    Now was it a smart ploy by the BJP to put Dhumal for the parliamentary seat, when he could have played a major role in the assembly elections.

    However, if we remember, last time, within a six months period, people of Himachal had sent BJP candidates to the Lok Sabha, while brought Congress in the state.

    I'd say, even smart psephologists can't predict the state of voters mind in Himachal. The voter here is intelligent and won't reveal his/her cards. So all predictions at this moment can go awry.

  3. Well looking at what has been done, it should reflect a change i govt.

    I think JP Nadda should be CM candidate for the BJP in coming elecetion. he is not so old like others, plus might bring up better idea's and fresh perspective.

    Well I really like the story done by ABC (new channel in states) in which the presenter says India keeps on to grow, when the Govt sleeps, wait for the day when Govt. awakes.

    I wish some Govt should come which looks into infrastructure building and making Himachal a model state.

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