12 families denied entry into a temple in Himachal



Shimla: The caretakers of the Bairing Nag Devta Temple in Sangla, Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh, have banned 12 families of the Regesui caste from entering the temple, according to a report.

The abominable action was taken after some members of the caste refused to carry the musical instruments (Nagaras) of the deity.

The members of the Regesui caste have been carrying the musical instruments of the deity on occasions, for ages now. However, they’ve decided now to get rid of the slavery, and refused to carry the instruments.

Some women members belonging to the caste, lead by one Shiv Kumari, have complained with the Sangla police station against the discrimination. According to Sangla police station incharge, ASI, Kumbh Das, the police is looking into the matter.

temple in Himachal

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  1. This matter is very senstive and very important for the traditions.

    These people are very important and should be respected for their jobs. Why one want to leave these traditions after long faith of genrations? Because some how they have felt insulted for sure. Freedom is very important thing and if you want to rule some one in the advantage of tradition is abosolutly wrong and against huminity. Every body is the same and you can divide them by jobs but if they have no interest in doing so whats the point to push them.

    In caste system if a glass of water is touched by a a low cast, the higher caste person will consider the water non drinkable. What hard has happen to the water if it is touched by a low class person. Water is life and God it self. This feeling has to disapear and All these Higher caste people have to have a great respect for every body. Because God lives with in every body and one should respect each other in that manner. They talk about Lord Rama eating the Bairs from Bhilini and Shiva who was disrespectd in the assambly of Dksh society as a backward untouchable person.

    They all worship them and still find diffrence of untouchablity among them….You people are mad and come over it. Best Thing is teach these traditions to every body in the village and the p[erson who respects and loves to play these instruments give them the chance to serve and pay them well, otherwise they will also run away. Because now days you have to buy everything from the shop and it is getting more and more expensive. To survive and live a good life is first …..Kick the castism off and bring love and interest in… With Best wishes…Puran

  2. I do remember when I was 8 years old while attending school

    went to a nearby home to drink some water. Those Hindus friends used to come to my home for free medical care since my father was

    the first Doctor in the community, so people of all faiths came to our home. We gave them coffee and tea to drink.

    The lady of the house poured water to my hand since I was a

    Christian, and what she told me was quite surprising. Since you are not a Hindu, don't touch any vessel while drinking water because the vessel will be impure if you touch it.

    Now I am over 60, and still remember her blind faith and total

    ignorance based on a religious teaching. How religion has

    cerated hatred and bitterness in between neighbours?

    Those Dalits who were mistreated and debased down through the centuries must stand firm for their rights and God will stand with them.

  3. The 12 families were denied entry because they refused to carry the nagara's (which is deplorable). This is classic marxist word play bringing caste in between when it is not the issue.

    As usual, it brings termites out of the woodwork, check out the fairytale above.

  4. What is the need for entering a temple…Man Changa to Kathouti Main Ganga.

    Religion is a man made evil and root cause of the suffering society has been facing since time immemorial.

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