Miss Himachal takes up a cause


By: Priyanka

Shimla: A beauty queen taking up a social cause is considered a commitment that comes along with the crown, or maybe a justification for the beauty-with-brains slogan. The first Miss Himachal, Purva Rana, appears to be going a bit further, supporting a political cause, and that too not really Indian. Recently she was spotted promoting the Tibetan freedom movement, participating in a signature campaign run by another brave Indian doctor, who is using his own blood to convey the message.

Of course, Purva had a valid reason to be there. ”I am from Dharamsala and can see how Tibetan people feel shattered by what the Chinese have done. I wanted to help them and that’s why I am here.” She sure was a great support for the cause. Dr Yadav, who has been campaigning for the Tibet cause for almost 14 years, now has used blood more than often to highlight the issues. Now, will Purva go that far? Well, let’s hope she does, but before that there’s another world waiting to be conquered by her!

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