Where's the development in this village?


Kids at Chandru village under gram panchayat Tepa in Churah valley of Chamba district want to read and write but there is no school. The nearest one is at Devikothi, which is about 10 km from their village, a distance too far off and treacherous for their small feet. Photo: Swarn Deepak Raina

Chandru villagers lament lack of road connectivity. While there is an electricity line, rain and snowfall often disrupts supply and once damaged repair takes months together. Villagers complain there has been no drinking water for the last six months as all old pipes have been damaged and no official has been listening to them. Photo: Swarn Deepak Raina

All claims by the state and central government appear baseless seeing this family living in a small room with their animals and babies together. Photo: Swarn Deepak Raina

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