Post a police complaint through e-mail in Himachal



New Delhi: Pursuing the common integrated police application plan’, the Himachal Pradesh government has decided to provide facilities for registering online Complaints  in all police stations of the state through  E-mails.
Giving details about the   common integrated   police application plan here, state chief minister Virbhadra Singh, who called on Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil said that under the plan all police stations in the state would be computerised during the current financial year.
He said that 40 police stations have already been covered under the project. He said that the state government has spent Rs 51.12 crore on modernisations of state police force and new web portal of police department has been launched for providing all the related information to public.
The chief minister said that the state govt has merged the directorate of vigilance and enforcement and created.  State Vigilance and Anti-corruption  Bureau to provide greater synergy to investigations and preventions of corruptions in the state.
He told that  state government has taken  effective  policing steps, which includes round-the-clock vigil to avert and spill over of terrorist activities from  along the Jammu and Kashmir border. He said that 1,408 vacant posts of  constable and 167 posts of jail warden would be filled up during current financial year.

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  1. These all are propaganda to woo the youth and NR-Himachali votes in case they do come to vote.

    Why I am saying so is because there are facilities provided by H.P.Govt like write email to CM or transport minister. Obviously they are not the one who look at that stuff daily …but at least their offices should acknowledge the complaints or feedback.

    These all are publicity stunts, an initiative is only considered successful when it is looked after till completion.

    This has been done, just for a show-off.

  2. We need to understand that the government is an institution and not some individual. If we think that the system is not responding to our needs then it's our duty to streamline it further. By giving an option to file a police report online, the govt has given us an option. and now it is up to us how we utilise it. If officials do not respond to e-mails sent to then then let's highlight it in the public sphere to make the govt realise its folly. No govt an affort to ignore such campaigns in today's world.

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