Ma Simsa: Weaving a dream for progeny


By: Saroj Thakur

Maa simsa temple in Baijnath
What should I ask for, when I’ve sought thee…

During the Navratras it is a heart-rending sight to see women sleeping on the floor of the temple, seeking a child from the Maa! Thirty kilometres from Baijnath, in Himachal Pradesh, Maa Simsa Temple is situated in Simas village, amidst picturesque surroundings. The thick jungles, the lush green growth, and the steep trails make a pious heart ascend up to pray at the temple of Goddess Simsa.

The folklore about the setting of the temple is as usual what you find about so many temples of the country. But it is the faith of the devotees that makes this temple different.

The legend has it that if a woman comes with a pure heart to the temple of Maa Simsa and sleeps day and night in the temple, abstains from food and fasts, she has a dream – dream about either fruits that symbolise the boon for a child. Strange but true, one hears countless accounts of women bestowed with kids after this experience. It is not that every woman is bestowed with a child but there are some cases where women don’t dream of fruits etc. In such cases the woman has to leave the temple.

It is said that if a woman doesn’t leave the temple in spite of having a dream where her remaining childless is hinted at, she develops red patches on her body that itch a lot and the poor woman has to leave the bed. The temple is full of devotees – some coming to seek boons and others to pay their gratitude. The faith of the people, thronging the temple from far and wide, speaks a lot about the power of the unknown that still makes us wonderstruck at the wonders of nature.

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  1. The God or Gods we worship are more a part of us than we realize….Only by understanding how in our own minds we have defined their nature can we begin to understand the underlying forces that make us behave the way we never dies ITS faith. may Ma Durga showers happiness and blessing to all .

  2. hi, we are lokesh & priya,(brother&sister) village simas (brar). staying in delhi. when we go to our village, we always go to maata simsa temple for prayer. maata simsa is our kul devi &we believe very much on her.


  3. Hi, I am Ravi Kumar,Village Banander(around 8-10 K.M.far from Simas) staying in Delhi from last 5 Years(2005).I want to wish all the people who belongs to Himachal Pradesh as well as others states(India) a very "Happy Diwali 2010". I urge to all people to say "Jai Mata simsa" & also request to please visit the place during Navratras(March/April every year) (Simas 20 K.M.from Baijnath) where Maa Simsa is situated. It is my privileges to say all of you that I got everything in my life whatever I asked from "Jai Maa Simsa" with honest heart. I & my family willl be always thankful to Maa Simsa who gave us overwhelm bless. Jai Maa Simsa Devi

  4. Jai Mata Simsa ji

    HI I am gurnandan katoch village Dhatti, PO Rohan, Palampur
    Yes, it is heartily true and believe to all

    Jai Mata Simsa
    Subh Nabratre

  5. i am blessed a babe boy on dated 21-12-2012 with blessing  of Mata Simsa during last navratara  JAI MATA DI  

    • Sir thankyou for sharing your experience..jai maa simsa…sir could you please advice best time for offering prayers to maa simsa as my friend from Kolkata not having baby and your guidance will help him.
      His ph no 8820789859 , Bijay Gupta.
      Can you please share your no. so that he can also call you up.

      Thankyou Sir.

      • Coming Navratri would be best time .
        You can take train till Pathankot then narrow gauge train till Baijnath. Then you have to board bus or local taxi . You can also travel till Delhi by flight or train , then you can travel till Baijnath by bus ( ordinary, semi deluxe, Volvo ).

  6. Love u maa u gve me everything wihout making any demand . Luvv u alot till my last  breath 🙂 and plz u also spread ur fumes of love on me  everytime 

  7. Maa simsa Temple when come only navratri or other seasons for any wishes. Plz tell me. I am from Raipur Chhattigarh.

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