Sponsor a tree in Himachal


This time we need all the HELP and SUPPORT we can get

One TREE on your name, would make a big difference to this effort

Read on and do respond, even if it’s to say: Good Luck.

Khoj – Tashi Jong, is trying to acquire some land from the forest department, to be able to plant trees. Things are in the process.

Once Khoj gets the land, Khoj along with the youth of the village, will come together and plant trees on that land. Planting is tentatively to start by June this year.

All it needs is Rs 300 per tree and Khoj will do it on your behalf.

Send in a mail (with the details of how many trees and on whose names), if you are willing to contribute for this endevour and send the funds through any of the following details.

Khoj shall be planting trees according to the funds raised. The acquisition of land would also depend on the funds raised.

Khoj hopes to gather enough for 600 trees by mid-May.

Details to send funds:
Khoj – Information Centre – State Bank of Patiala, Paprola Branch.
(Joint Account – Bhakti / Rachna)


ICICI – Bhakti M Mehta, Chembur Branch.


You can also send a Money Order to
Rachna / Bhakti
Khoj – Information Center
Tashi Jong,
Taragarh P.O.
Himachal Pradesh – 176081
simplylive [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Love and Plant a Tree

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  1. Its a gr88888888888888888 step to make our Himachal Pardesh green again……………………….

  2. I think Planting tree is a great Idea to make Himachal Healthy and wealthy But along with encouraging people to give money encourage them to join you in plantation

  3. That's realy a great idea but i think apart from this we must take some more steps to make our himachal green and clean city…i have seen people coming to himachal and writing their names on stones, rocks, and especialy on trees..these days i have seen some trucks are going out of himachal taking out green wood illegaly…Govt is not taking any steps..and more over govt officials are allowing all this just for few bucks…they dont even think by this way they r making dark future of there kids…

  4. i think u r working in a area which is green. try to make efforts in lower himachal where greenery is wanishing . i would love to help .but working in Tashi jong will be like working for one monastry. hink bout it…..

  5. I think this is realy a great step to green this area.We also have to take these type of step to green other area not only in Himachal but also the other part of India.This will help us to maintain nature balance.

  6. Tashi, Rachna, Bhakti,

    We would be very happy to make a significant donation. We have a social Trust, and one of the goals is to do massive tree plantation.

    If you could help give a breakup of how you arrived at the Rs.300 per tree cost, then it would help me bring transparency to the donation for all the Trustees, including myself.

    We could donate for something like 25-40 trees right away, and carry this through the year on a regular basis.

    We would surely need some more information as requested above.


    Rahul Dewan

    http://srijanfoundation.wordpress.com http://www.srijan.in

  7. Thats a real good idea. Would like to cotribute what ever little i can. But would like to clarify couple of things.

    A) Why the payment is taken on a individual name

    B) Is there is a specific place where you all are planting trees.

    C) Is there a way one can identify the trees planted or donated by one.

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