Help Vasudha hear you
Vasudha (right) with her little sister Cheshta

Dear all,

I am Vikram Singh from Karsog in Mandi. I have two daughters – Vasudha (12) and Cheshta (3). My elder daughter Vasudha has a hearing impairment and is also not in a position to speak. We got her a Cochlear implant to give her a chance to once again experience the wonderful sounds the rest of us live with. I am working in a rural bank, but unfortunately my bank does not follow the policy of medical reimbursement, which means that I am was not in a position to be able to afford the surgery for my daughter. As the cost of the surgery is high, I am left with no other option but to look for philanthropic and public-spirited people and organisations, with which I can repay some of the loans taken for the surgery.

With hope that someone would certainly hear my daughter’s silence, I request you to kindly circulate this link, so that I may get some financial help from foundations, NGOs, trusts or even individuals.

Name: Vasudha

Date of birth: 30-09-1994

Name of parents: Vikram Singh and Rajani

Address: Village Kalashan, P.O. Marothi, Tehsil Karsog, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, 175046.

Contact No: 91-1907-225027, 91-98160-05027, 91-94184-55027

Hearing loss 100% (deaf and dumb)

Cause of deafness:
At the age of eight months. High fever due to measles attack.

Noticed by us at the age of 12 months.

Rehabilitation: Today she is capable of speaking a few words due to lip reading.

Positive factors for Cochlear Implant:
Baby is not using sign language; she has learnt few words and tries to speak and learn words wanting to increase her vocabulary. She also interacts with other children.

Place of implantation:
All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi

Name of doctor: Dr. R.C. Deka, Head of dept. ENT

Date of surgery:
December 13th, 2006.

Cost of cochlear implant “nucleus freedom”:
Rs. 9.48 lakhs.

Cost of surgery: No fee charges by Dr. Deka, but nominal charges for medicine, fluids, bandages etc i.e. about Rs 15,000 – 20,000

Cost of rehabilitation: The rehabilitation will take about 18 months, 15 days a month. Each contact charges Rs 400 for mapping and Rs 300 for therapy. This will cost around Rs 2 lakhs, which also include traveling costs.

Local supplier In India: Pika Medical Pvt. Ltd. 1212, Mittal Tower B,6 M.G. Road, Banglore-560001, Telephone 91-8025594757,

From whom we are dealing: Pika Medical Pvt. Ltd, Defense Colony, New Delhi 110024 Phone – 91-11-24338080


If you need any more information please let me know.


himvani, a Voice of Himachal effort requests!

We request our patrons to help this girl get over her disability. Your contributions can be sent directly to Mr Virkam Singh at the earliest.

Money can be deposited directly in State Bank of Patiala Karsog Distt. Mandi account number 55136464029 (Vikram Singh). Since it is a core banking branch, money can be deposited any where in their branches in India.

You can also send a demand draft in the name of Vikram Singh payable at State Bank of Patiala, Karsog. At the address:

Village Kalashan, P.O. Marothi, Tehsil Karsog, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, 175046.

For any other details, please write to Vikram on his email id: (rawatknf AT yahoo DOT co DOT in) or call up on +91-1907-225027, +91-98160-05027, +91-94184-55027 or use the form below.

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