Forum for consumer rights formed in Shimla


HimVani: A forum for consumer rights has been formed in Shimla with the aim to highlights issues related to medicines and of greater importance to the consumers. The first convention of this forum was held in Rotary town hall here and was attended by 50 citizens from all walks of life.

The forum in near future will highlight issues such as the bonus schemes, Jan Aushidhi shops and quacks etc. Joint statement released soon after the conventions by Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar and Deepak Sood said that “Free Bonus Medicines” currently being given to retail chemists were to be passed on to common consumers it will reduce the drugs price under this scheme from 10 percent to 600 percent

They said that ‘Jan Aushdhi Shops’ is welcoming step but its purview should be extended to all shops of Civil Supplies Corp. as they are well located and open 24 hrs and have earned good reputation among the people.
The Forum said that it would advocate that more stringent steps be taken to curve the menace quacks as they playing with the lives of people

Consumer Right Forum also stressed the need to install temperature control system in chemist shops as medicines are required to be stored in a cool dry place currently chemists stored their drugs at 30 degrees in normal conditions but refrigeration below 2 to 8 degree not being implemented properly. It alleged that improper storage results in lowering the potency and hence efficiency of drugs as confirmed by senior doctors of IGMC.

The forum demand enactment of ‘Magic Remedies Act’ in the state as more and more misleading advertisements are in the appearing in media fooling the gullible public with magic remedies for diseases

It also decided to raise the issue of ‘Drug Addiction’ keeping the teenagers under its grip rapidly as this menace needed to be tackled on the war footing as there is still time before it assumes epidemic proportions as in neighboring states. Apart from community participation and awareness the Drugs and Cosmetics act needs to be enforced more stringently with the help of police.

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