Where is Shaheed Road?


    By: Arun Bhardwaj

    MANDI: Many a new promises were made by leaders across the country and state on India’s 58th Republic Day, however, many a such promises made in the past remain unfulfilled. A case in point is Jamehar, a small village in Dhar Panchayat (Tehsil: Jogindernagar, District: Mandi), which is yet to join mainstream of progress.

    The Himachal government, about six years ago, had promised ‘Shaheed Road’, to be named after Subedhar Omchand Sharma of village Jamehar, who sacrificed his life serving the Indian Army and fighting the terrorists in J&K on November 2, 2000. However, the promise is still unfulfilled.

    Meanwhile, the government had also promised naming a school after Subedar Sharma and Rs 1 lakh for construction of a Shamshan Ghat, but all in vain. All Omchand Sharma got, was a Sena Medal posthumously.

    People of this village still have to travel on foot for about five kilometres through a rough terrain of jungles and rivulets to reach the main road. The road which should pass through villages Basai to Neri, runs through an eight kilometre stretch of jungles and is being maintained by the government for the last 40 years. What a thought?

    Although about 15-years ago, after a long persuasion of five years by the then Pradhan (Ex-Captain, Sohan Lal Bhardwaj, village Jhamehar) a kachcha road was built, but that too is in shambles and the repetitive demand for a metalled and tarred road has fallen on deaf ears. The demand is being made by not only village Jamehar but by nine other villages too, who also would be benefited with the interconnecting and re-carpeting of this road.

    It is reiterated here that Late Subedhar Omchand Sharma sacrificed everything for his country without thinking twice and the government even after good six years, is yet to take the first step of its promise. It may be noted that the hardships faced by his parents and other people of this village are not an issue, but recognition of his sacrifice is.

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    1. ”Where is Shaheed road”?

      It reminds me of a Soldier, who WEAR OLIVE GREEN, served in the snowcapped mountains and hazards, TO DEFEND HIS NATION, sacrificed his life , and finally bullet ridden body wrapped in tricolor back to his village, which left his family & old parents with many a promises unfulfilled, They can never forget the soldier who dedicated his life for the sake of his Duty, Honor, Country.

      They still search the footprints of their son in those hilly terrains, struggling through long terraced path, with the help of supporting stick then finally reaches up to the kaccha road to see the people getting down from bus ,their old eyes still search the soldiers coming on leave seems as if Olive green is Halki amma’s favorite. But they knew he will never be back………………………………from unending war.

      I really appreciate Mr. Arun Bhardwaj’s concern about the SHAHEED SOLDIER and TRIBUTE to him by reminding the deaf Govt.of Himachal Pradesh and its big big leaders of, so called CONGRESS/BJP and so on…………………It is indeed the hobby of our LEADERS and bureaucrats who really love to fool the innocent people at the time of VOTING and then making big promises.

      It is a shameful act of ignorance even after SIX years, the HP GOVT. could not even make a Promised Road up to the House of the SHAHEED,could not rename the School as ‘’Shaheed Sub. Om Chand Sharma School’’ which will merely soothe the parents of Shaheed and nothing except that.—but yes he laid his life for Duty, Honor, Country.

      My heartfelt reverent tributes to the soldier………………..not to forget in eons to come.

      Jai Hind Jai Hind Jai Hind

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