CPI-M condemns move to bring 12 hospitals under PPP mode



Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh unit of CPI-M today condemned to bring 12 hospitals in the Public Private Partnership(PPP) mode and demanded scraping of Manav Bharati University. Tikender Panwar, member of state secretariat of CPI-M said that the CPIM strongly condemned the decision of the BJP government to install CT scan machines in 12 government hospitals of the state under PPP. “This move will hit the poor patients as private entrepreneurs will work on the sole motive of profit rather than service to the patients, he alleged.

CPIM stated that the revelations made by the 5-member committee set by the government on Manav Bharti University vindicates the consistent stand taken by the party on this issue.

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  1. The communists worldwide ail from the disease of ideological dogma. In addition to this, the Indian communists are diseased with ignorance of reality. The  Public Private Partnership(PPP) does not mean giving the reigns of social sector in the hands of private industry, it means making the common people  a part of development. Himachal has been plagued with the lackadaisical bureaucracy for years, the so called government workers behave as if they are the masters of people. The PPP will be able to bring some competition in health sector. Now a days, the common man visits the government hospitals in dire emergencies. Forget long queues,   there is every possibility that you will be referred to some some big private hospital if there is any complication. The moot of the opposition is increase in the  cost of health services. Well, it is sad but true that the cost of health services will increase after this step. But then people are paying more to the private clinics in the state. As for the people who can’t afford higher the increase in health cost, the  Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) is specifically created to ameliorate this concern. Himachal Pradesh incidentally won the national award for this program. It would be the Below Poverty Line people who are affected by the increase in the cost. It is high time for the state government to exhort the private entrepreneurs to be part in the development of the state. Otherwise, the government health sector will go the education way. People send their children to government schools out of compulsion. Some say communists in India were always confused by caste and class riddle. But more than any other thing, it is their ideological obstinacy that brought them from the main opposition party at the time of Independence to spent force on national scene in 64 years. Indian communists can learn a lesson or two from their Chinese brethren   about changing with time.  

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