Himachal a Wi-Fi zone?


Opinion by: Vivek Sharma

WHILE reading through the ‘Wireless Mesh Network in Dharamshala’ article, I thought that it has to be added up with few facts of the technology mentioned. The wireless mesh created at Tibetan village seems to more of a A.Ps (Access Points-Senders) and SU (Subscribers unit-receiver) kind of an arrangement which ISP’s like Sify Limited have been using since ages now in running their networks. Similar network can be created by a pair of A.P and SU anywhere – even at your home (just need to know the configurations to be done) and your home shall be a Wi-Fi Zone.

No wonder it is being used by specific organisations in Dharamsala right now as they have created their own network to communicate within themselves.

The basic idea of Wi-Fi is to get connected to internet without wires which would require PCMCIA cards on user’s desktops/laptops machines. Himachal has not yet witnessed the broadband revolution which is sweeping every city away with it. I just hope that government/private agencies would take more interest providing such services in Himachal. Wi-Fi is just one of it.

And to add to it, I just wanted to share that there is one form of Wireless Internet Connectivity that should work anywhere in Himachal and that is through Data Cards from Reliance and Bharti which sit on your Laptop/Desktops and get you connected to internet anywhere where Reliance/Bharti mobile signal is available. Why mobile signal? That is because these data cards actually contain SIM cards which hence communicate to the internet. What more you can even make outgoing calls from your PC/Laptop.

This is one technology tourists should be encouraged to use rather than the cyber cafe which does not serve the purpose for a globe-trotting tourist.

All we need from the telecom peers is better mobile signal!!! Do we already have it? Well, I am talking about everywhere in Himachal.

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