Himalayan growth package, not industrial package: HNA



Shimla: Himalaya Niti Abhiyan (HNA), a pro-environment NGO, has sought a special ‘Himalayan Growth Package’ to Himachal Pradesh by reshaping the industrial package which ended recently.

While talking to media person, HNA state convener Gumman Singh said that the industrial package being demanded by Himachal government is not in favor of a fragile agricultural economy, ecology of the hill state. He alleged that thousand of crores were being exempted in the name of the industrial package in the form of tax holiday, transport subsidy and many other benefits to industrialists but no package ever had been given to the Himachali farmer or horticulturist and for the purpose of forest and pasture development, water harvesting, clean energy, green, small and rural handloom and handicraft industry.

Enlisting the disadvantage of the industrial package, HNA blamed that due to mindless industrialization in the state, limited agricultural land, forest and common land were rapidly being consumed. Gumman charged that no proper rehabilitation and resettlement were carried out by any developer and state government. He alleged that in spite of protecting the interests of land loser or affected people, the state government always favours the industrialist due to their powerful lobby and imperial interests.
Seeking separate rehabilitation, resettlement and displacement laws, he said that even after 60 years of independence the government seems to be unaware of the need for effective laws to handle these issues.

Doubting intentions of the state government, he said that the recent proposal for amendment in Section 118 of HP Tenancy and Land Reform Act and Apartment Act is an effort to further alienate Himachali and local farmers from their land.

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