CPIM asks for white paper on non-utilization of NRHM funds



Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh state committee of CPIM today (Thursday) asked the government to present a white paper on non-utilization of funds under the National Rural Heath Mission (NRHM), which it claimed was hidden from the people for a long and was revealed by the revelations of Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) report. The CPIM has asked both the Congress party and the BJP to answer the people in this regard.

Terming this as criminal unconcern for the health of the people of the state, CPIM stated, “As it is, the health infrastructure and services are in shatters in the state, the onus of availing health services is put on the common man by levying user charges on each and every service being provided under the public health domain. The successive governments have been more concerned to generate money from the patients/people than to spend on them. A startling crores of rupees were unspent that show the callous attitude and it is not that the people do not want health services that the money was not spent; the reason is the government is culpable of conniving with the private health service providers and is abetting in systematically ruining and dismantling the public health services and infrastructure.”

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