Chhitkul – that’s where the road ends


    By: Nimish Vohra

    Chhitkul – thats where the road ends – the road from Jhakhdi to Sangala to Chhitkul; and the trek to India-China border starts here. The border is about 60 kilometers from here.


    Natural beauty of Chhitkul in Himachal Pradesh

    Chhitkul is a quaint little village – might be a few dozen huts, a few dhabas, and a couple of guest houses too! We would have loved to stay there for a few days – a must do for next time.


    Example of hill architecture
    We had tea at a dhaba, and chatted with a couple of jawans who were stationed there. Their nearest checkpost was some 60 kilometers from there, which they said they covered in a day – on foot. Hard to believe, but thats what they said.


    A small windowless room, two charpais, and some nick-nacks. Shared tea and mithai with them. One of them happened to be from mundera bazaar, Allahabad the exact same place where my father-in-law stays. Lots of smiles and warmth in small cozy place.

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