Bhakra Beas Management Board Project: Himachal cabinet decides to recover Rs 3266 Cr arrears from Punjab


    In a major decision taken by Mr Jai Ram Thakur council of ministers in the cabinet meeting held today decided to approve recovery of Rs 3266 Crore arrears in Bhakra Beas Management Board Project (BBMB) as three states craved out of greater Punjab agreed to comply with the Supreme Court order of Sep 27, 2011. The Cabinet meeting presided by Chief Minister Mr Jai Ram Thakur this afternoon gave approval for settlement of arrears in BBMB projects as Himachal, Punjab and Haryana has decided return differential energy quantum of 13066 million units to fetch an amount of Rs. 3266 crore to the State at an average rate of Rs. 2.50 per unit.

    In a press statement issued today, the Government spokesman confirmed Cabinet gave approval for negotiation with Punjab and Haryana for the return of the entire differential energy within a period of 10 to 12 years. It give nod for negotiation towards payment of liability of Rs. 111.53 crore as computed by the Union of India in its affidavit in equal annual instalments during the period of return of power and in case States of Punjab and Haryana insist for repayment with interest.

    Himachal Pradesh would go in for the return of power with the premium of 6 percent and with no further additional liability for receiving this differential energy of 13066 million units. The Cabinet agreed and approved the proposal of Punjab and Haryana to return of differential power during 1st October to 31st March owing to their constraints of paddy harvest season and also the requirement of Himachal Pradesh during winter months in the public interest.

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    The interstate disputes were pending since the reorganisation of Punjab with the three states as Himachal Pradesh government had challenged the claim of areas in the Bhakra Beas Management Board Project in Supreme Court alleging that it did not get its share after craving out of Himachal Pradesh from Punjab. The Apex Court upheld the State Government plea on Sep 2011 to return the share of the state in form of deferential energy against the total power produced from the Bhakra Beas Management Board Project (BBMB).

    A committee led by Former Revenue Minister Thakur Kaul Singh held two rounds of talks with the Punjab and Haryana Government after the SC verdict and came to this negotiation. During the recent assembly election, Punjab Finance Minister Mr Manpreet Badal told media person that Punjab agreed to return the areas owing to Bhakra Beas Management Board Project (BBMB).

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