HP Elections: 7525 polling stations set up in the State


    The Chief Electoral Officer Pushpendra Rajput said today that as many as 7525 Polling Stations have been set up for Vidhan Sabha HP Elections 2017, out of which 983 Polling Stations have been declared vulnerable and 399 polling Stations as critical in the state to ensure the free and fair conduct of elections. The maximum number of vulnerable Polling Stations are 297 in Kangra District and a minimum number of vulnerable polling stations two are in Kinnaur District, he added.

    He said that Chamba District has total 601 Polling Stations out of which Churah Assembly Constituency has 117, Bharmour 142, Chamba 118, Dalhousie 108 and Bhattiyat have 116 Polling Stations. As many as 481 polling stations are ordinary, 97 are vulnerable and 23 are declared critical in Chamba District. CEO said that there are 1559 Polling Stations in Kangra District, out of which 110 are in Nurpur Assembly Constituency, 104 in Indora, 104 in Fatehpur, 115 in Jawali, 98 in Dehra, 106 in Jaswan-Pragpur, 92 in Jwalamukhi, 111 in Jaisinghpur, 130 in Sullah, 105 in Nagrota, 96 in Kangra, 111 in Shahpur, 84 in Dharamshala, 87 in Palampur and 106 in Baijnath assembly constituencies. In Kangra District 1102 polling stations are ordinary, 297 are vulnerable and 160 are critical for HP elections.

    Out of 93 Polling Stations in Lahaul-Spiti District, 81 polling stations are ordinary and 12 polling Stations are vulnerable in the District. He said that there are 520 Polling Stations in Kullu District, out of which 100 are in Manali Assembly Constituency, 145 in Kullu, 139 in Banjar and 136 in Anni Assembly Constituency. As many as 450 polling stations are ordinary, 53 are vulnerable and 17 are critical in Kullu District for HP elections.

    In Mandi district, there are 1092 Polling Stations, out of which 103 in Karsog, 101 in Sundernagar, 103 are in Nachan, 126 in Seraj, 122 in Drang, 127 in Jogindernagar, 100 in Dharampur, 104 in Mandi, 99 in Balh and 107 in Sarkaghat assembly segments. 925 polling stations are ordinary, 133 are vulnerable and 34 are critical in Mandi District. Out of total 525 Polling Stations in Hamirpur District, there are 99 in Bhoranj, 103 in Sujanpur, 93 in Hamirpur, 110 in Barsar and 120 in Nadaun. In Hamirpur District 459 polling stations are ordinary, 61 are vulnerable and 5 are declared critical.

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    There are 509 Polling Stations in Una District, out of which 101 are in Chintpurni Assembly Constituency, 90 in Gagret, 105 in Haroli, 97 in Una and 116 in Kutlehar. 343 polling stations are ordinary, 115 are declared vulnerable and 51 as critical in the District. Out of 394 Polling Stations in Bilaspur District, 100 each are in Jhanduta and Ghumarwin, 99 in Bilaspur and 95 in Sri Naina Deviji assembly constituencies. In Bilaspur District, 370 polling stations are ordinary, 15 are vulnerable and 9 are declared as critical. He said that 538 Polling Stations were set up in Solan District, out of which 130 are in Arki Assembly Constituency, 100 in Nalagarh, 90 in Doon, 124 in Solan and 94 in Kasauli, adding that 431 polling stations are ordinary, 77 vulnerable and 30 declared as critical in the District.

    There are 540 Polling Stations in Sirmour District, out of which 110 are in Pachhad Assembly Constituency, 114 in Nahan, 123 in Sri Renukaji, 96 in Paonta Sahib and 97 in Shillai. As many as 419 polling stations are ordinary, 79 are vulnerable and 42 are critical in Sirmour District. In Shimla district, there are 1029 Polling Stations out of which 141 are in Chopal, 161 in Theog, 107 in Kasumpti, 91 in Shimla, 131 in Shimla Rural, 127 in Jubbal-Kotkhai, 150 in Rampur and 121 in Rohru Assembly Constituency, 969 polling stations are ordinary, 42 are vulnerable and 18 are critical.

    Out of 125 Polling Stations in Kinnaur District, 113 polling stations are ordinary, 2 are vulnerable and 10 Polling Stations are declared as critical. Theog Assembly Constituency of Shimla district has highest 161 number of Polling Stations whereas minimum 84 polling stations have been set up in Dharamshala Assembly Constituency of Kangra District for HP elections.

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