DeMo & GST of Modi Government have proven to be anti-people: CPI(M)


Political Bureau member of CPI(M) Subhashni Ali said on Monday that Demonetization (DeMo) and implementation of GST proved anti-people which have broken the backbone of common man. Addressing Party election meeting at Sanjauli Chowk in support of party candidates Mr. Sanjay Chauhan and Dr. Kuldeep Tanwer, Ms. Ali said that BJP tried to earn sympathy of people after starting the DeMo move one year ago.

She said that traders and small businessmen felt the burn of GST and it resulted the price hike in the Country. She said that common man life became grim after the anti-people policy were imposed by the Government. People were allured during the Lok Sabha election by making false promise to them. However, the NDA government has weaken the fabrics of Democracy as Constitutional bodies are being attacked by the party.

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CPI(M) leader said that repent corruption is prevailing in BJP ruled state. She said that instead of providing employment avenues to youth the government policy was leading to loss of jobs in the country. She also come down heavily on the state government and alleged that five years of Mr. Virbhadra Singh government’s remained highly dis-appointed. The Chief Minister remained busy during the last five years in his own Court cases and the law and order problem was out of gear in the State.

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