Rs 10 lakh GST threshold fixed on Virbhadra govt request: Jaitley


    The Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said today that GST threshold of Rs 10 lakh was fixed for the State on the request of Virbhadra Singh Government before the GST Council. Mr. Jaitely who was releasing party vision document in Peterhoff guest house in Shimla today told media persons that BJP leader Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal urged him to speak about the GST with reference to the State elections.

    He said that BJP Government at Centre is nothing to do with the fixing of thresholds and the State Government demanded to fix GST threshold at Rs 10 lakh, however, Government of J&K demanded to fix it up to Rs 20 lakh. He said that it varies from state to state and BJP Government did not force any state to keep the GST thresholds at low and high side. He said that similarly GST decided to fix highest thresholds limit of GST from Rs 75 lakh to Rs One Crore. He said that GST council keep the different thresholds limit with regard to the proposal of respective states.

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    If the state selects Rs 10 lakh turn over of thresholds limit, the firm having turn over above Rs 50 lakh falls under the GST ambit, if state select thresholds of Rs 20 lakh the GST would be levy above 75 lakh, he added. Lashing out Vibhadra Singh government he said that since inception the Congress government was unstable owing to charges of corruption on Mr. Virbhadra Singh who is facing CBI probe. Mr Jaitely said that party would not declare the face of Chief minister however it has experienced leadership. Party decided to sort out this issue after the election.

    Responding to statement made by former Finance minister P. Chidambaram about the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that Congress should make it stand clear what sort of autonomy it demand the state. He said that his predecessor must make it clear whether Congress is to give up the control of Telecommunication, Defense and Finance to the state.

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