Virbhadra Singh shows Rs 1.08 Cr annual income


Virbhadra Singh filed nomination from Arki assembly

The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Virbhadra Singh who filed his nominations from Arki assembly segment showed annual income of Rs 1, 08,09,170 and Rs 28,06,600 of spouse siting four different income tax returns filed in finical year 2017-18 showing three different PAN numbers. 84 yrs old Mr. Singh have two PAN number under self and M/s Virbhadra Singh HUF joints account revealed annual incomes of Rs 31,12,380 under self and Rs 31,51,190 and Rs. 45,45,600 in three return filed for year 2017-18. Mr Singh also shown third PAN in the name of his spouse siting income of Rs 28,06,600 against the number.

Mr. Singh revealed income comes from sources of his Salary, Interests on the banks deposits, Agriculture and Horticulture income similarly he also shown Pensions, Interest and Horticulture and Agriculture his spouse. Mr.Singh also shown the movable assets value of Rs 7,15,60,753.80 on his name and Rs 2,51,45,385.80 in the name of his spouse and Non Movable assets of Rs 6,53,88,129 in his name and Rs 14,31,21,344 in the name of spouse. Mr Singh also shown liability of Rs 478.85 lakh to pay against a Bank loans and other financial institutions and Rs 107.38 lakh in the name of spouse.


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Virbhadra Singh

Under the movable assets Mr. Singh and his spouse have banks deposits, insurance polices and Jewelries where as under immovable assets he had shown his agriculture, habitations and other assets. Mr. Singh have liabilities of Rs 517.85 lakh of self and RS 107.39 lakh of spouse which includes income tax dues of Rs 478.85 lakh and Rs 107.39 lakh respectively. Mr. Singh has shown two government accommodation under his name as first was was allotted at Jantarmantar Road New Dehli and second at Oak Over Shimla during last 10 yrs . Mr. Singh says that he had submitted all dues pending and to be made regarding such accommodations.


He said in the affidavit that a court case pending against him and others which was lodged by the CBI, said case is pending against him at Patiala House Court Special Judge-03 under Prevention of Corruption Act under seciton 13(2) read with Sec(1)(c) of PC Act 1988 and Sec 465 read with Sec 471 of IPC. Mr Singh is qualified as ‘Senior Cambridge’ from Bishop Cotton Schol Shimla in 1951, BA(Hon) and MA from St. Stephen College 1956.

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