PM praises JP Nadda, HP Govt. and people for Inderdhanush & Swachh bharat mission


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised his Government Family Welfare and Health Minister Jagat Prakash Nadda during the party rally at Bilaspur for launching far-reaching Indardhanush program for vaccinations to the newborn stating that it is biggest such programme anywhere in the world. He urged the State Government, the workers of political parties, NGOs and People create awareness about this program to hunt the left and to make this program a great success.


    Mr. Modi who was on one day visit to Bilaspur addressing party rally at Lahnu ground on the Bank of Bilaspur the home assembly segment
    of Mr. Nadda showered praise on him for launching a unique health program in the Country. Prime Minister showed concern that people in the country did not show interest in such program and it takes many years to be implemented. Mr. Modi said that under the Inderdhanusha program special drive would be launched during Diwali for which all BJP workers, state governments, NGOs, NSS, NCC, member of all political parties, youth and women should come forward to identify children yet go get the dose.


    He noted that despite government efforts lakh of children remained without vaccination and they came under the spate of diseases after 14 to 15 yrs. Parents could be realized it as they run to treat their child after losing their livelihood and money however if they care immunization they would not lose lives of their children, Mr. Modi said. I am very close to this hill state as being party state in-charge travel to every nook and corner, Mr Modi said adding that it is very exhausting to run from the top of hills to the bottom of rivers.


    He said that he is impressed by the response of Swachh Bharat Mission and the role played by the state government and people to render their contribution to making this hill state clean. Mr. Modi said that contribution of people to keep their surroundings and home clean would give them healthy life and save their money. He said that state is tapping the enormous potential of hydropower generation and the improvement in the infrastructure would make their lives more convenient.

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