Determination & efforts of scientists can make HP the organic State: Governor


    Himachal Governor Acharya Devvrat said that efforts would be made to make Himachal Pradesh Zero budget Natural farming State in the Country and state’s own markets for these products would be developed so that farmers could sell out their produce in these markets and got remunerative price. The Governor was speaking at National Conference on Alternate Farming System to enhance farmer’s income organized by Indian Ecological Society, Himachal Chapter in collaboration with Dr. Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan, at University auditorium today.


    He said that natural farming was healthy and conducive to the environment. He added that it was essential to shift from chemical farming to natural as the fertility of the soil declined and many health problems arose due to chemicals used in abundance in agriculture crop, which was a matter of concern. He said that role of scientists was very significant for strengthening agriculture sector and urged them to work with sincerity and dedication as the sector was the backbone of the economy.


    The Governor said that if the scientists were determined to work on natural farming then nobody could stop the state from becoming organic state of the country like Sikkim. It would also check monopoly of private companies selling chemical fertilizers and pesticides. He said that natural farming was a better option for making the Nation self-reliant in the agriculture sector and added that the produce out of natural farming helped not only in healthy living but also enriched the environment. The Governor said that Padamshree Dr. Subhash Palekar had shown the path of inspiration to farmers of the country and given the concept of zero budget natural farming adopted by more than 40 lakh farmers of the country. He said that such farming technique would go a long way in benefiting the people and those farmers who had already adopted this technique were getting better prices for their produce.


    He said that one local cow could be helpful in farming 30 acres of land and added that it would improve the fertility of the soil, producing maximum yield by using minimum water and getting remunerative price of their produce. He said that scientists should work on personal interests and change the scope of their research and focus on natural farming which would help double income of farmers of the country. Governor also conferred Life Time Achievement Award to Dr. Kartar Singh Verma contributing in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture.


    Later, the Governor also attended the session. Padamshree Dr. Subhash Palekar, noted Agriculture scientist congratulated organizers for the conference and said that it was need of the hour that scientists should provide alternative farming to self-sustained farmers and double their income. He said that there were challenges before society which included food security, Global warming, migration from villages and moving towards the nuclear family. He said that the prevailing trends of agriculture were responsible for global warming and said that all challenges could be solved with zero budget natural farming and scientists will have to give solutions.


    He said that green revolution and organic farming was best practice at that time but today, by adopting natural farming could save the society. He said that farmers were not getting remunerative price for their produce though they were using costly chemical fertilizers. Ultimately they were committing suicide and the non-agriculturist using the vegetables and food products were also consuming slow poison. He asserted that natural farming was a solution for every challenge.


    Dr. H.C.Sharma, Vice Chancellor, University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan welcomed the Governor and said that new varieties of crops should be developed which consumed minimum water. He added that we should use the organic source of nutrient and only biopesticides. He also stressed for high-density plantation and urged the farmers and horticulturist to adopt crop diversity and said that it would double the income of farmers and go a long way to achieve the target of high yielding and improve soil condition.

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    1. zero budget natural farming adopted by 40 lakh farmers in India is an area of systematic research under strict guidance of experts teams. His Excellency Acharaya Devvarat ji possess deep insight on the subject that he is spreading like a teacher / scientist par excellence. Scientific fraternity if give their best to learn and probe the “why, How& where ” in fixed time frame it is sure the practice ZBNF will prove a befitting alternative to chemical farming. Appropriate time to be the world leaders in ZBNF. Be an eye to those who are desperate on farms and farm inputs.

      Prof K S Verma
      Former Director of Research
      YSP UHF.

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