Back stabbing will not be tolerated: CM



“Back stabbing would not be tolerated at all persons involved in such activities would not be spared. Everybody in the State knows the persons who have been working against the interests of the Congress Party and the Government in Himachal Pradesh.” This was revealed by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh in the Congress Party Workers Conference organized at Dharamshala today under the Chairmanship of Sushil Shinde, former Union Home Minister and General Secretary, AICC.


Lambasting over the leaders and workers of the party engaged in anti-party activities, he said that he loved the persons working for the party and in the interests of the State and not those who were involved against the interests of the party and mulching the party for their petty selfish interests. He said he need not name such persons as their identity had already been known publicly. Such persons were working as agents of BJP. The CM said emphatically that the Congress Party would again make the Government in the State with thumping majority. He alleged that the BJP was involved in dividing the State on the basis of caste and creed and playing the politics of lower and upper Himachal and trying to sow the seeds of dissensions.


Mr. Singh said that the State had made a rapid and emphatic progress under various Congress regimes. The State was known as the hub of education and the bowl of fruit in the country today. A lot many educational institutions had been opened in the State during the present stint of the Govt. including 51 degree colleges. Progress and development made in other sectors like health, transport, agriculture, industry, tourism, power sector, irrigation and public health were itself speaking of the heights attained by the State.

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