Nadda slams CM’s statement & subsequent police action against Gaddi community


Lashing out Himachal Pradesh CM Virbhadra for giving public statement against Gaddi community of State Union Health Minister Jagat Prakesh Nadda said today that the statement and subsequent action on the protesting Gaddi leader at Dal lake is highly commendable and unfortunate by the such senior leader while reacting to media reports which quoted Mr. Singh making public statement against Dharamshala Gaddi community and lathicharge.


The demeaning Gaddi community by six time chief minster after comparing BJP state chief Mr Sati with the head of Gaddi clan, union minister said that it was unfortunate and deserve condemnation. Showing surprise over the statement Union minister asked how could such an senior experienced and reputed politicians make such insensitive statement. The way chief minster made this statement against Gaddi community and their heads they must had felt insulted and their anger was quite justified.


Union health minister observed that subsequent police action at Dal lake against the protesting Gaddi leaders and its workers at Dharmshala showed stooping of senior leader so low. It is worthwhile to mentioned here that during the protest by the Gaddi leaders led by BJP former minister Krishan Kapoor at Dal lake near Dharmshala yesterday they faced the wrath against the agitation as a blue eyed Police cop of Chief minister ordered lathicharge on them injuring number of Gaddi leader in the action.


”It exposed feudal mind set of Mr Singh who keep on bashing against his political opponents by making such absurd remarks, did not confine to mere statements however he reacted fiercely by brute assault on the peaceful protesters .” Mr. Nadda asserted. ” In order to undermine his political adversaries CM seemed in his height of over encouragement completely lost his balance indulging in insult of a respectful community” he said. ”Mr.Singh who keeps on giving similar statement against his political adversaries, instead of tendering apology, has set a wrong precedence by quelling the agitations with fistful hand.


In another statement, BJP state president Satpal Singh Satti said that the lathi charge on members of Gaddi community would prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the incumbent regime. He said that the Congress government was playing patty politics of regionalism and castism in the state. He said that CM’s remarks on Brahmins at Mandi and now his comment on Gaddi community were attempts to besmirch the society on lines of caste and region.

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