10 Crore rupees released under Horticulture Development Mission for anti-hail nets


The horticulture minister Vidya Stokes said that horticulture activities in the State have expanded and improved in quality over last four and a half years with continuous technical and financial support of the Horticulture Department. She said Rs. 107 Cr. have been spent under integrated horticulture development mission in the State under various components benefiting 16000 farmers.


In order to assist the farmers under these schemes, action plan worth Rs. 36 crore has been sanctioned for the year 2017-18. She said Rs. 10 crore released under integrated horticulture development mission will be utilized to clear pending payment of bills for anti-hail nets and green houses in the State. She said the department has provided Rs. 3.81 crore as subsidy for purchase of anti-hail nets during last three years in the State.


She asked farmers to use anti-hail nets for protection of their crops for which government was providing subsidy. The assistance worth Rs. 7 Cr. has been provided to farmers for purchase of power driven horticulture equipments like power tillers, power sprayers and other power machines. It has benefitted 5000 farmers in the State.

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