BJP Mayor and Deputy mayor in SMC after 33 years


    The BJP today, at last, succeed to get a majority in 34 Member House of Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) as it’s nominee. Kusum Sadret, a counselor from Annandale, was elected new Mayor of the Shimla Municipal Corporation and BJP-rebel Rakesh Sharma Deputy Mayor. BJP secured 17 highest number of councilors in Jun 16 election manage to get the support of two Independent BJP and Congress renal.


    Ms. Kusum was polled 19 votes, while the Congress nominee Simmi Anand got 13 votes. One vote of the Congress was invalid, while the CPM  lone-councillor from Summerhill abstained from the meeting. Rakesh Sharma elected from Panthaghati as BJP rebel defeated Congress nominee Anand Kaushal from Tutikandi. Rakesh was polled 20 votes and Kaushal got 13 votes.


    Earlier, BJP chief Satpal Satti and Rajiv Bindal escorted the party councilors fearing to poach by the Congress. Shimla MLA Suresh Bhardwaj was also present. BJP to stage a roadshow after the top MC posts election. BJP scripted history after getting elected to the SMC replacing CPI (M) from the house which was pushed to third place. Now in 34 Member house BJP have the strength of 17  Member including two Independent Congress in 13 and one Independent and CPIM one.

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