Solidarity with NDTV: Citizens of Shimla join Assembly before Mahatma Gandhi statue at Shimla


    The citizen across every walk of life today joined the solidarity assembly convened against CBI raids yesterday on NDTV CEO Parnab Roy house under the pressure of centre Government to crush the freedom of expression in the country or silencing of free media. The Protest convened by Citzens of Shimla voluntarily to condemn the action was attended  by senior citizen including former Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Shimla MC Mr. Sanjay Chauhan, Tekinder Singh Pawner, Senior Legal correspondent of Hindustan Times and Deputy Advocate General Mr. Anoop Rattan, Senior High court Counsel Mr. Sanjeev Bhushan, Staff Correspondent of Hindu Mr. Kawner Yogender, Staff reporter of Statesman Bhawani Negi, Editor of Mr. Om Prakesh Thakur, UNI Shimla correspondent Mr. Mohan Lal Verma, DYFI leader Chanderkant Verma and other distinguished citizens and journalists of this capital town and democracy lover.


    Talking to media persons Deputy Advocate General of Himachal Pradesh Mr Anoop Rattan said that central Government was gagging the voice of media houses who are not toeing the line of Mr. Modi regime. He said that action against the NDTV was being done under systematic strategy to stop media from questioning the the political leadership of BJP. The action of CBI was down the direction of union government as NDTV was giving balanced and neutral coverage of news in the Country.


    He alleged that government did not taken any such action against the corporate houses who are not paying the loans to tunes of many billions and declared them NPA while those who were borrowing from private banks are being vindicated on the private complaints after misusing the central agencies like CBI. ”The Government had been proposed to ban the airing of NDTV India recently on the name of reporting the Pathankot garrisons and media installations, he said that number of other private channel who toeing its line and shown similar coverage were not invoked any action.” he said.


    However the government forced to withdraw the blacklisting NDTV India under the pressure of Free Media but the CBI searches of yesterday were being done once again deserve high condemnation. The protesters were carrying cut out for silencing the voice of free media and save NDTV . The protest ended peacefully.

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    ML Verma is a Senior journalist, with more than a decade of experience of active reporting for electronic media, news agencies and fast paced online media.

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    1. Why are you all siding with Mr Pronoy Roy, who is being searched as promoters of NDTV for having causing loss to the State/ bank. Let him come clean, if he has done no wrong. By supporting him i.e. a person of doubtful financial integrity, the partakers of this assembly put their own credibility at stake.

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