PM flags off UDAN flight from Shimla Airport


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today flagged off the first UDAN flight under Regional Connectivity on Shimla-Delhi air route at 1100 hours today after giving green signal from the Shimla airport terminus. Mr. Modi said on this occasion that “Hawai Chapal wala Aam nagrik Hawai Safar bhi kar sakega” (the citizen who wears slipper could able to do avail the air service).


Echoing the slogan of inclusive development of Sabhka Sath Sabka Vikas, gave new slogan of Sab Uden Sab Jude ( Everyone fly and every one connected). Mr Modi said that he wants to give free advise to aviation companies that they take keen interest Nanded Sabha, Amrit shab and Andandpur Sabha airport route as could help them to make their operation viable. He said that Sikh pilgrimage across the world
would take benefit from this route in the region.


”Very few people know that when second world war took place in the world number of airstrips came up as many were specially built in the border areas however they were seldom utilized by any Government”. He took dig and said that there may be few airport where people could have flee away taking its equipment. He said that after the independence only 70 -75 airport was being used commercially and as they were almost non-functional like Shimla airport which is not having single flight since many years.


He greeted the people state that like Shimla airport more than 30 non-commercial airports were became functional as they were now connected with regular flights. Two or three tier cities could be strengthen after connecting them with air services as this capacity attract investors. management experts and provide avenues for quality manpower and employees the educated youth, he said. Mr Modi said that tourism sector in the world is fastest growing sector. Tourists prefer to come Shimla after paying cost for sake of convenience and with connectivity of air flight they would give more priority to place like Shimla where there are Air connectivity, Internet and WIFI facility.


He said that tourists like to take risk to enthrall them with adventurous activity however they did not bother for paying comfort journey and bear heavy cost for the same. He said that Shimla airport which remained cut off for many years on air map would be again on air map. He said that like Himachal Pradsesh and North east state are gifted by nature however two civilization, two tradition and two Geography remained cut of from each other due to no air connectivity.


This Government came up with new Scheme UDAN to link such places. Later Prime Minister also flagged off the inaugural UDAN flights on Kadapa – Hyderabad and Nanded – Hyderabad sectors. Mr. Modi also said that very first word of UDAN indicates that it would make air travel accessible to citizens he said that stand for ‘Ude Deshka Aam Naagrik’ (UDAN) Regional Connectivity Scheme in October, 2016.

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