SW Monsoon likely to be normal in HP: IMD


The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) today forecast normal South West Monsoon season in this hill State as it predicted about 96 percent of Long Period Average rainfall during the season. The Shimla Met Office and Local IMD Director Mr. Manmohan Singh said that forecast released by the IMD today to be valid for Himachal Pradesh and other North Western Himalayan States.


He said that Monsoon likely to be normal as as there would be be 96 per cent Long Period Average (LPA) rain with an error of plus and minus five per cent. Mr. Singh said that forecast assessment suggests 38  per cent probability for near normal monsoon rainfall. IMD would issue three  update forecasts in early June, 2017 as a part of the second stage long range forecast of monsoon rainfall.


Along with the update forecast, separate forecasts for the monthly of July and August rainfall over the country as a whole and seasonal  June-September rainfall over various geographical regions of India would also be issued. He said that heatwave continuing in the state as it had broke down highest temperature records in the State.


Shimla recorded maximum and minimum at 29.5 degree Celsius and 19.1 degrees in 1999 on 30 April. The town recorded 27.4 degree and 18 degrees today. He said that heat wave broke the 18 years records with season highest. He said that Una was also season’s highest on April 18 and April 16 this season with maximum at 41 degrees that of 43 degrees in April 17 2010.

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