Shimla records increase in water supply from 25 MLD to 38 MLD


    The Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) that was facing acute shortage of drinking water supply claimed that it had sorted out the daily shortage of water as its supply gone up to 38 million litre per day (MLD) with diversion of more water from renovated Giri waters supply scheme. Issuing a press release, spokesman of SMC said that the major water crisis forced people to remain unquenched need not to worry as Shimla town would shortly have about 40 to 41 MLD water with improvement of intake capacity.


    We have distributing water supply for two to three hours after regular interval of time daily and after gap of one day in some places. The Mayor Mr. Sanjay Chauhan and Deputy Mayor Tekinder Singh Panwer today visited the Guma water lift scheme to take stock of water supply. Mayor claimed that SMC after taking over the Giri water scheme form IPH department achieved increased in its supply from 10 to 11 MLD to 18 MLD daily.


    British Raj day water lifting scheme at Guma is also in dilapidated condition as 24 MLD capacity water supply scheme is currently releasing 14 to 15 MLD water to be renovated after the Giri scheme. The official of Guma water supply scheme apprised the top SMC functionary with State of scheme demanding new water pump and repair of Raj day water pumps to boost up its daily supply by 10 MLD. The Shimla Municipal Corporation is also floating tenders of Rs 11.3 Cr Kraijnano -Sanjouli and Rs 2.6 Cr Sanjouli -Ridge pipe lines which is causing wastage of water at many places.


    Currently SMC is getting 18 MLD water from Giri, 15.18 MLD from Gumma, 1.88 MLD from Churt, 1.06 MLD from Koti-Brandi and nearly one MLD from Chair. SMC is also proposing to change the lifting water pipe lines of Ashwani Khud to Khalni water supply scheme which run by the discharge of Koti-Brandi river.

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