Opposition stages walkout against ruling of Speaker


    Opposition BJP today resorted another walkout in the State Assembly protesting against the ruling of Speaker Brij Behari Lal Butail to allow the members of ruling benches to speak in the cut motion brought by them. Few minutes before the House adjourned for day this evening BJP members staged walk out from the House alleging that speaker set wrong precedence after allowing the member of treasury benches to speak in the Cut Motion on Health departments demands.


    As the Speaker allowed Kishori Lal of Congress to speak on the Cut Motion Mahinder Singh Thakur BJP chief whip Mr. Suresh Bhardwaj alleged that member of treasury benches are bound by whip of party to not speak in favour of cut motion of Opposition since they are defying the party whip and Speaker is allowing them one by one to speak on the cut motion. He further alleged that under the ruling of Assembly Chair could not allow the Congress member Kuldeep Kumar and Kishori Lal to take part in the cut motion however it could not take part in discussion which is going in the house and unprecedented.


    Entire BJP legislative party members walked out from the House and did not turn up however Health Minister Mr. Kaul Singh Thakur was ready to give the reply on their issues however speaker allowed another Congress member Mr. Ram Kumar to further speak on the cut motion. The House which was adjourned for the day around 1900 hrs was extended for five minutes to allow the Ram Kumar to Speak however it was latter adjourned for the day by the chair stating that minister would reply on cut motion tomorrow.


    Earlier speaking on the Cut Motion Mr. Mahinder Singh Thakur alleged that health institutions are in depleted conditions as more than ten thousands posts of doctor and paramedics were lying vacant in the State.  He alleged that three medical colleges, a cancer institute and AIIMS has been opened by the Centre in the State however state could not make any of such institutions functional. Member alleged that doctors are being recruited on the contracts and government have no policy to regularised their services.


    Participating in the cut motion Mehaswar Singh of BJP said that government was spending beyond its means however it could not able to provide the sufficient health facilitates in the state and relying up the allocation of center to open new institution. Former Health Minister Mr. Rajiv Bindal suggested that more and more BPL families should be issued Smart Health Card so they could bear the rising cost of health services. Baldev Tomor, Govind Ram Sharma, Suresh Bhardwaj and Jai Ram Thakur also spoke on the cut motion.

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