About 7000 employees to fight for corporate pension


    More than 7000 employees of Public Sector units who are deprived by the Government from their due pension rights today decided to fight for their cause after waging the battle in the Court and public. This was stated by Mr. Govind Chitranta Convenor of HP Corporate Sector Workers Coordination Committing fighting for the cause in the Court and through mass protests.


    He said that during a emergent meeting of HP Corporate Sector Workers’ Coordination Committee attended by large number of Retirees and existing employees at Kali Bari Hall in Shimla today they resolved to continue the agitation despite several set backs. “With the heavy gathering of employees throughout the State from various affected Board and Corporation to support the demands covered under “Pension Scheme 1999” it would press the issue to concede their demands with more vigor ” Mr Chitranta said.


    ”All the representatives of different organizations in one voice decided to fight the case both in legal remedy available and also the process of democratic set up till its logical end.” It was also decided to ask both the major political parties in the State to clear their stand about the pension scheme made applicable partially to a certain number of employees who retired on or before Dec 2, 2004 and the left out about 7000 employees of similar nature who are forced to earn their bread and butter either to register under MNREGA scheme or somewhere else.


    In view of the prevailing circumstance of the retirees and existing employees would run to bad to worse in time to come without having any social security i.e., Pensionary Benefits. It was resolved to launch a campaign by the affected employees through its local MLAs, Ministers and MPs to restore the Pension Scheme 1999 for definite number of employees deprived of by the notification. The coordination committee urged the Govt. to withdraw its repeal notification issued on Dec 2  2004 in the interest of natural and social justice since the left out employees were/are performed or performing the same duties and responsibilities at par with the Govt. Sector as well as those protected under this repeal notification, he added.

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