Meet Aditi Sharma, the first post woman of Dharamshala


10.30 in the morning, formally dressed in her formal Khaki pant-shirt, counting her posts and letters to be delivered, Aditi is all set for the day. Yes, you heard right! Aditi Sharma, a 22 year old girl from the village Mandlian near Nadaun, is the first Post woman in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. She is the only Post woman among 14 postmen working in Dharamshala’s post office.


Gone are the days, when women were confined to only four walls of household, where they were subject to violence and criticism, where educating them was considered a taboo. But with transformation of the social fabric of society, in terms of increased educational status of women and varied aspirations for better living, necessitated a change in the lifestyle of Indian women. Aditi Sharma is a living example of an empowered women of modern society, who has carved a niche for herself in a male dominated profession.


After doing B.S.C in non-medical, Aditi qualified the State level entrance test for the recruitment of postman 2015 and decided to join the “not so popular profession for women” so far. Aditi is completely enjoying her job and is also very happy as she receives an overwhelming warm response, where ever she goes to deliver the letters and posts. “I did not face any problem so far while I go to deliver posts in nearby areas and moreover people are shocked and happy at the same time after watching a girl delivering letters “says she.


Mansi Mahajan, a resident of Dharamshala says” I felt very proud after I saw her going door to door for delivering posts. Such a young girl is setting an example for thousands of us“. Her parents were highly supportive in helping her choose a profession that a normal girl may take a while choosing such career that requires immense hard work and bravery. “Time has changed and women are no where behind, so why can’t a girl become a post woman”, grins Aditi.


Being the only women among 14 postmen in Dharamshala’s post office, Aditi’s male counterparts have been highly supportive.  “We are very proud to have a post woman in the post office as she is doing her work without any fear and the work in the post office is done without any gender discrimination.” Says Tabiyat Singh, one of the Postman in Dharamshala’s post office. “Aditi is a very hardworking and brave girl. We hope to see more postwomen in the state after being inspired by her” says Suman Sharma, Postal Assistant of Dharamshala post office.


Breaking several stereotypes, Aditi Sharma is among the very few Postwomen of Himachal Pradesh who has proved that women are no less inferior to men, there is no profession or career in the world where women cannot fit in. Her simple mantra for being a strong women is “Man ke hare har aur man k jeete jeet”.

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